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Here's the math to prove we're right for your business.

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ootpik math


Macs + iPads + iPhones + Smartphones in the hands of your staff and customers to deliver features never before seen in a point-of-sale system?
The answer is ootpik.


Small + Coffee Shop? ootpik works.
5-Story Resort + Restaurant + Bar + General Store that does everything from self-serve yogurt to boat rentals?
ootpik works there too.


Advanced Inventory Control + Customizable Sales Reporting + Not Being Reliant on the Internet =


Make your business smarter

With Smartphones



Everyone’s got a smart-device these days, and people love to play with them. Why not engage your customers through their favorite device? ootpik can.

ootpik connects your customers right to your restaurant and allows them to view your menu, order another round of drinks, request their check, call over their server, view current or previous bills, and even provide feedback on their experience.

The best part is they can use any phone or tablet with a built-in web browser, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry, Android, or Windows device.

People will love the added level of service you can provide, and everyone will be talking about it.


Your staff can use their own smartphones to clock in and out, perform inventory counts, create customer accounts, receive inventory, and communicate with on-duty staff.

And we've made it easier to for owners and managers to stay on top of operations by allowing them to use their own smartphone to perform any staff function PLUS lookup employee contact info, create purchase orders, check on sales, and make changes to inventory items, all on-the-fly.

In the end your getting less stress, and more results. Don't work harder, work smarter.


Meet your new "mini" best friend

Supercharge your business operations with iPads & tablets

Table-side service

Customers will be impressed when your staff can perform table-side ordering by seat - complete with modifiers and menu search right from their own mobile device

Customer focused

Create or view customer accounts on-the-fly right from an iPad for a real VIP experience.


Staff will be more productive when they can communicate with each other, see’s who working, receive shipments, and clock in and out right from their own mobile device

Custom Buttons

Customizable button images

Touchscreen order buttons can be customized with your own pictures to provide quick, accurate ordering. You can optionally overlay the item name in a color of your choice.

Digital Menu Boards

digital menu board

Hello Flexibility and Professionalism

Drive revenue while keeping your costs down with a revolutionary new menu board system from ootpik.

Digital menu boards are fantastic. They are impressive, colorful, and engaging. You can change prices, images, or descriptions whenever you need. And modern HD LED screens are able to display a lot of items very clearly. Your sales go up, and the costs to maintain your menu go down.

So why doesn’t everyone have one? Because they’re expensive, and complicated, and don’t always talk to your POS system, and require you to have a whole new set of computers and software applications.

Unless you have ootpik.

We’ve designed a whole new method of implementing digital signage so that it’s affordable, simple, easy-to-use, and connects directly to to your POS system.

All you need to do is get a SmartTV. Or two. Or three. Then go into ootpik and select which items you want to display. That’s it!

Thousands of dollars less than alternatives, and stays up to date as your menu evolves. This is the ootpik way.

vertical digital menu board

Imagine the Possibilities!

or read about them here

ootpik's variety of order-entry screens allows it to fit into many different businesses. And the best part is that you can switch between them whenever you want!

table service
Table Service

Extended service for Restaurants, Fine Dining, Catering,
Take-out, Delivery, etc.


Table-side service for Restaurants, or line-busting in Coffee Shops, Cafeterias, Delis, etc.

table service
Quick Service

Fast service for Coffee Shops, Cafeterias, Delis, Yogurt, Kiosks, etc.

barcode scanned

Barcode-style service for Convenience, Grocery, Specialty, Liquor, Gift, etc.

table service
Beverage Service

Very fast service for Bars, Pubs, Nightclubs, etc.

barcode scanned

Invoicing for business-to-business transactions

Hardware Extravaganza

More choices means more doing.

Having the right tools for the job is important, that's why we've built in more hardware options than anyone else. All these hardware options means you'll find ootpik in more businesses.


The freedom of mobile table-side ordering and remote administration.


Phones, Androids, Blackberries, with tools for Managers, Staff, and Customers.

Receipt Printer
Ticket Printers

Kitchen, Bar, Expo, Station. You can’t live without ‘em.


High-definition widescreen touchsreens up to 22” for your fixed stations.

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanners

Ring up retail items quickly using their existing barcodes or your own.

Label Printer
Label Printers

Create your own shelf tags or product labels, even with your own barcodes.

Customer Display
Customer Displays

Display the customer’s purchase on the left half and customize the right.


Sell weighed items with an attached point-of-sale scale.

Full-page Printer
Full-page Printers

Print your major reports on any Mac-compatible full-page printer.

Card Swipes
Card Swipes

For integrated credit card processing, gift cards, loyalty programs, and secure staff or manager login.

Back Up
Back up

Data and battery backup options ensure your data is safe, secure and in your hands - power and internet outages won't stop you.

Liquor Monitor
Liquor Control

ootpik supports Liquor Monitor's liquor control system so you can compare what was poured versus what was sold

Digital Menu Board
Digital Signage

ootpik's digital signage is affordable, impressive, and easy to use

Customer Relations

Nothing is more important than your customers. Not only does ootpik give your customers the ability to connect to your business from their smartdevice, but we've also built in a ton of other features to make it easy for you keep them coming back.

  • Gift & Loyality Cards
  • Communication
  • Credit/Billing
One Billion

Is a really big number

ootpik’s powerful database handles over a billion inventory items, one billion sales records, or one billion customer accounts with ease. And your data is locally stored meaning you can operate without the internet, your data can only be accessed by you, and it operates at maximum efficiency. Plus your data is automatically backed up for added peace of mind.

At the end of the day it means fast, consistent, dependable service for your guests - something "cloud" POS systems can't offer.


Maximize your business potential

Inventory control
Sales Reporting
Security Levels
Training Mode

Do anything from anywhere


Do you do on-site catering? Trade Shows? Need to pull reports from the office? How about change your menu pricing from home? ootpik is fully web-enabled meaning you can work here, there, or just about anywhere.*

*Requires internet connection and an available software license.

ootpik POS is in a class of it’s own. While being simple to set up and easy to use, it’s packed with more cool features and abilities than any other POS system in the world, and it works in more places.
If you would like to harness the power and freedom of mobile devices in the hands
of your staff and customers while enjoying the comfort of a fast, secure, local
installation - then get ootpik.

Oh yeah, and just one more thing...

It’s FREE.

Yes, that’s right, ootpik POS is FREE.

it's backed by FREE

And we're not talking about giving you some Breadcrumbs or a small Square of our feature list, you get ALL the features, at NONE of the price - desktop and mobile applications are FREE, and come with FREE support.
ootpik, bringing premium POS to the masses. :)

Desktop Features


  •  Recipe deduction
  •  Component costing
  •  Reorder points
  •  Recommended orders
  •  Receive by purchase order
  •  4-level organizational tree
  •  Scannable label printing
  •  Rental items
  •  Detailed reporting
  •  Make adjustments


  •  Support for invoicing and quotes
  •  Training mode
  •  By-seat ordering with splits/transfers/merge
  •  Special orders
  •  Custom notes
  •  Occasional and automatic modifier lists with optional price increase
  •  Gratuity
  •  Integrated credit card processing
  •  Search by name


  •  Gift card management
  •  Detailed information
  •  Custom discounts
  •  Charge-to-account
  •  Picture
  •  Loyality point system
iMac - showing desktop features


  •  Practically unlimited database size
  •  HD wide-screen format
  •  Remote sales/ administration
  •  Time clock
  •  Message Board
  •  Security Levels
  •  Suppliers
  •  Instant Updates
  •  Real-time reporting
  •  Pay in/out
  •  Till balancing
  •  Multiple tax rates
  •  Customizable receipts

Sales Reporting

  •  Comprehensive suite of built-in reports
  •  Custom report template creator
  •  Graphing

Hardware Support

  •  iPads
  •  Smartphones
  •  Digtial signage
  •  Kitchen/bar printers
  •  liquor monitor
  •  Customer display
  •  Touchscreens
  •  Barcode scanners
  •  Label Printers
  •  Weighscales
  •  Data and battery backup

Power Features

  •  Digital menu board support
  •  Custom group item changes (add $1 to all items, make all beverages taxable, make all 2 year old customers "VIP", etc.)
  •  Custom report designer with template creator for Inventory, Sales Records, Customer Accounts and more
  •  Custom label designer with support for scannable barcodes and mailing labels
  •  Accounting for business owners

And much, much more.

Unleash ootpik and discover the possibilities

Mobile Features



  •  View the menu
  •  Call for a server
  •  Request drinks
  •  Request cheque
  •  Provide feedback
  •  View current or previous bills
  •  View business information


  •  Table-side service* (iPad only)
  •  View the menu
  •  Display/create customer accounts
  •  Create purchase order
  •  Receive inventory
  •  See who's working
  •  Provide feedback
  •  Inventory count
  •  Clock in/out
  •  Communicate with staff
  •  Sales reports (managers only)
  •  Display employee info (managers only)

Download ootpik today!

All these amazing features at an even more amazing price free